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In 1847 in Valby, a small hill town overlooking Copenhagen, Captain J.C.Jacobsen launched Denmark’s first lager beer, Carlsberg. The beer was named after Jacobsen’s son ‘Carl’ and the ‘berg’ meaning 'on a hill'. The Carlsberg Research Centre A contributing factor to Carlsberg’s famous premium quality, its growth and enjoyment and reputation as ‘probably the best beer in the world’ is the ongoing brewing technological advances created by the Carlsberg Research Centre. Set up in 1875, the centre was established to research and pioneer the very latest brewing techniques and technology. Today, with a team of over 1000 scientists dedicated to the art of quality beer making, the Carlsberg Research Centre is not only highly regarded within the international scientific community, but is also an extremely popular development site for young scientists.

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Directors J.C.Jacobsen


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